Mediterranean Culture

These resources assist in understanding and interpreting ancient, Mediterranean societies in which the Bible originated.  Those who follow social scientific approaches to interpreting ancient documents should find them helpful.

 Social Scientific Criticism Bibliography (NT)

Social Science Information Gateway (SOSIG)  (archived; check Anthropology) 

Intercultural Press

Current Anthropology - on line

Society for Cross Cultural Research

Human Relations Area Files (HRAF)

Ethnographic Atlas (HRAF, select)

Anthropology  On-line


Social Sciences Virtual Library

Anthropology Web Sites

Cross Cultural Resources on the Web  (Hofstede; World Values)

Center for Middle Eastern Studies (Google this title and select a source)

The Classics Pages

Mediterranean  Civilizations 

Franciscan School of Archaeology: Jordan

Dominican School of Archaeology: Jerusalem

History of the Ancient Near East

Archaeology Web-Sites

The Bordeaux Pilgrim (4th Century)

The Holy Land (Magazine)

Other Links of Interest (University of St. Mary of the Lake, Mundelein, IL) 

Ancient History Sourcebook

Women in the ANE: Bibliography

Sinai Bedouin Women

Mediterranean Social World (Bibliography: TorreySeland)

The Khazaria Center

Arab American Roman Catholic Community

Middle  East Links

Middle East Studies Resources

Al Mashriq

Middle East Foods 

Translation links

Palestinian Folk Tales


The Lilith Myth

Literacy in antiquity 

"The Mediterranean Cultural World of Jesus" (article)

"How We Redress Our Suffering" (article)

Salt of the hearth (images and text)

Gender-divided Society

Clothing in the Ancient World

Honor and Shame bibliography in process

Revelation (Malina and Pilch Social Science Commentary)

Revelation and astronomy (Click on the astronomy links) 

New Testament Gateway: Revelation

Ephesus: Temple of Artemis


Stig's Sky Calendar

Caltech Astronomy

Astronomy links

Resources of Learned Societies - Astronomy

Left Behind 


Museums Online: South Africa 
    Go to the South Africa Museum; click on Exhibitions for a superb exhition of Khoisan culture and rock paintings.

Rock Art Institutes at Witwatersrand  (Johannesburg) 

The Cuyamungue Institute (Dr. Felicitas Goodman) 

The Human Brain 

 First and Second Temples

Second Temple Synagogues


Glass Finds from Sepphoris

Ancient Greek Music

Music of the Ancient Near East

Music in the Papyri 


The Genealogies of Jesus

Sheep and Goats

"St Peter's Boat"

Leather Sandal

Paleobotany links


Virtual Catalogue of Roman Coins

Ancient Coins

Ancient Roman Board Games (use critically, not all links are reliable)

Roman Colosseum